September 26, 2017

Gather Round The Co-op Kitchen Table

A NEW and exclusive online cooking community for our electric co-op members. MI Co-op Kitchen is a place to share your recipes and food ideas with lots of other like-minded members. You will also get a chance to win awesome prizes. In every Country … [Read more...]

Thank A Lineworker On April 11

As the “first responders” of the electric co-op family, lineworkers perform around-the-clock in dangerous conditions and challenging situations to keep power flowing and protect the public’s safety, going above and beyond to restore power to their … [Read more...]

I Remember…

We invite members to share their fondest memories. Country Lines will pay $50 for stories we publish. Guidelines: 1. Approximately 200 words 2. Digital photos must be at least 600 KB 3. Only one entry per household, per month 4. Country Lines … [Read more...]

Co-ops Launch Voter Engagement Program

Michigan electric cooperatives have joined a national initiative for a non-partisan effort to promote civic engagement and voter participation in the communities they serve. Through this program, we want to help our members know when elections are, … [Read more...]

Suitcases Packed With Purpose

The recent Partners for Power team reached their goal to build an electric line extension in Guatemala that changed the lives of about 54 families in the small community of Buena Vista. But our team’s work did not end there. The 10-person team distributed … [Read more...]

Wish Upon a Star at Headlands International Dark Sky Park

Most of us have had the magical moment as a child of wishing on the first star in the night sky. But what if those moments weren’t reserved for children in their backyards? Those inspiring moments happen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the Headlands … [Read more...]

There’s More To Cuba Than Cars, Cigars

I wanted to see Cuba before corporate interests prevail, and the mysterious country 100 miles from Key West, FL, becomes South Beach South. As U.S.-Cuba hostility softens, the island nation is poised to become an American tourist mecca. Around … [Read more...]

Slow Down, Go Around Roadside Utility Workers

Summer travel, which lines up so neatly with utility construction and maintenance season, is just around the corner. And Joe McElroy, safety director for the Michigan Electric Cooperative Association (MECA), is bracing for the almost daily reports of … [Read more...]

Honoring Veterans One Cane At A Time

Guest writer: Jim Carpenter, Line Superintendent at Cherryland Electric Cooperative The idea came about in 2004 when Jack Nitz of Tulsa, OK, watched a news segment about wounded post-9/11 veterans. The visions of vets with leg wounds and amputations … [Read more...]

Calling All ArtPrize Artists in Michigan!

We would like to spotlight Michigan artists who participated in 2014, or are entering the 2015 ArtPrize® competition, in the July/August issue of Country Lines. For 19 days, 3 square miles of downtown Grand Rapids becomes an open canvas of art. Artists … [Read more...]