April 22, 2018

Plants for a Cause

Tis’ the season for giving, as is apparent by the pleas that appear in our mailboxes from worthwhile charities this time of year. Gardeners can get in on the giving in their own special way by purchasing plants that support a cause. There have been some … [Read more...]

What’s for School (or Your) Lunch?

School lunches can include local food, and be healthy and waste-free too! School is back in swing, and lunches may have already become repetitive and limited. But there are many healthy, locally-available foods that can add zing to school or other lunch … [Read more...]

Schools to Serve Michigan Fruit

Starting this fall, public school students in 114 districts will enjoy Michigan-grown fruit, thanks to a partnership with growers, Cherry Capital Foods, and Chartwells School Dining Services. “This may be the largest farm-to-school project to date in … [Read more...]

Telling a Story of Food

As an avid gardener, “localvore” (one who likes to shop locally), and member of Cloverland Electric Cooperative, I’m interested in the goings-on at the Marquette Food Co-op (MFC). It’s a retail outlet for organic food, some of which is grown … [Read more...]

Create Tasty Centerpieces With Veggies From Your Own Garden

When most people think of centerpieces they think of flowers, but not Tim Latimer, a certified florist and floral design instructor at Michigan State University (MSU). “Vegetables are every bit as colorful as flowers,” Latimer notes. His own bountiful … [Read more...]

The Saskatoons Are Here!

There’s a new berry in town. It’s called the Saskatoon, and it’s been growing wild across the prairies of western Canada and the northwestern United States since the buffalo roamed. The Saskatoon “blueberry,” as some catalogs call it, has the same look and … [Read more...]

Grow Your Own Grapes

Michigan grapes are not just for juice and jam anymore! There’s never been a better time to grow grapes in Michigan, even in the chilly U.P. Thanks to U.S. and European breeders, there are many options for growing a delicious variety of grapes for fresh … [Read more...]

The Garden Buddy System

Some vegetables, herbs and flowers protect and feed each other when grown side-by-side. Have you ever noticed how one vegetable plant can fail in one location yet thrive in another? Given the same soil, water and light, the two plants don’t seem to grow … [Read more...]

Dairy Doo

Healthy food requires healthy soil. And, like a good recipe for a scrumptious meal, you need the right ingredients. If you’re a follower of this line of thinking, folks at a place called Morgan Composting in Sears, MI, have created a product called “Dairy … [Read more...]

Shrubs: New Varieties!

Back in the old days, like when cars had “fins,” shrubs were just something you used in the yard to fill-in space. The rather plain-looking “bushes” as we called them, were planted in rows in our yard, mostly to stop baseballs and such from going into the … [Read more...]