April 24, 2018

Country Music Today

Several weeks ago I received an email from a listener to my radio show complaining that Country Music “isn’t country anymore.” It’s a sentiment I’ve heard again and again. That’s why, this month, I thought I would publish my remarks to that listener in the … [Read more...]

Michigan’s Main Street

Each year motorists drive over 95 billion miles on Michigan roadways, many of them on the state’s longest route-numbered highway. Its full name is Interstate 75. We locals just call it 75. It has also picked up a nickname, some calling it Michigan’s Main … [Read more...]

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger Give Back To Community

The fall season brings colorful leaves, crisp air, and all things orange. Fall also ushers in firearm deer season, the biggest hunting season in Michigan, which draws as many as 700,000 men and women to the woods. For the serious hunters, deer season means … [Read more...]

Restoring The Great Lakes Lighthouses

Scattered along Michigan’s shoreline and numbering over 200 at their peak, the Great Lakes lighthouses once served as a beacon of hope to the weary seafarer. Today only 124 lights still stand, many in desperate need of repair. Enter the Great Lakes … [Read more...]

Beaver Island’s Music Festival Offers Unique Vibes In A Throwback Setting

With a population of 600 living on 56 square miles of land off the coast of Charlevoix in Lake Michigan and accessible only by boat or air, Beaver Island could be described as a throwback to another era. How fitting then that the island hosts its own … [Read more...]

Disability 101: A Lesson in Respect

By Jack O’Malley, WTCM 103.5 FM Traverse City and host of Jack’s Journal on 9 & 10 News “Well, Jack,” said the doctor, examining my foot while studying X-rays of my heel. “If that tendon tears, it’s going to be a bear to fix. You need foot surgery.” … [Read more...]

Walk The Line

Linemen are the backbone of every power system. They are the people on the front lines who maintain the grid regardless of weather conditions. Moreover, while these linemen are restoring power in sometimes the most difficult situations, the backbone of … [Read more...]

Sky’s The Limit

What happens when you combine a master electrician, educator, licensed contractor and self-described tinkerer? You get Mike Schmerl, an instructor at Northwestern Michigan College and owner of Panoramic Electricity. Since starting his electrical company … [Read more...]

Every Vote Counts

A busy year celebrating Olympians and honoring lost legends like Gordie Howe and David Bowie, 2016 will conclude with one of the most highly debated presidential elections in history. As we prepare ourselves for a new leader, I urge you to do one of two … [Read more...]

The Wheels on the Bus

Admit it. You just sang “go round and round” in your head. September brings cooler temperatures, football season, and the start of a new school year accompanied by a fleet of familiar vehicles on northern Michigan roads. Recognized by their distinctive … [Read more...]