January 30, 2015

Snowmobile Museum, Trails Are Winter Fun


Did you know that over 6,500 snowmobile trails run throughout Michigan? To survive winter, you may want to buck-up with boots and a snowsuit to explore some of them. A few phone calls or an easy internet search reveals resorts and sport shops that rent … [Read more...]

Are You a Michiganian or a Michigander?


Based on the positive feedback on its debut, “Jack’s Journal” looks to be a winner in the eyes of many Country Lines readers. So far, so good! The first column (May 2014) hit a nerve, however, as readers sounded off on my use of the term “Michiganian” … [Read more...]

Summer Thrills


Summer means "vacation" to many, and memories of family road trips along with the familiar mantra Mom and Dad grew weary of hearing: “Are we there yet?” I remember traveling to the Detroit Zoo and the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village back in the … [Read more...]

Winter’s in the Rear View Mirror


Whew! Winter is finally in our rear view mirrors. All of Michigan’s 83 counties experienced a humdinger, didn’t they? Persistent cold, high accumulations without a traditional midseason thaw, an abundance of snow days, and The Great Lakes nearing an … [Read more...]