Earth Day is April 22. Show the earth some love, and plant a tree. Choose the right tree for the right place and avoid future problems with power lines.

To avoid future electrical hazards, planting tips include:

  • Consider the mature height of trees. Any tree that can grow to 25 feet tall or more should not be planted near overhead power lines. A mature height of less than 15 feet is recommended.
  • Do not plant near underground utility services.
  • Tree roots can grow and interfere with underground pipes, cables and wires. Future repairs to these facilities could also damage the health and beauty of nearby plants and trees.
  • Keep areas around electric meters, transformers or other electrical equipment free of any vegetation that could limit utility service access.
  • Before digging, call 811, the local underground utility locator service so that accidental contact, damage and injuries can be avoided.


  1. My wife really wants to begin growing a tree in our new yard. We have never done this before, so we are trying to figure out the best place to plant it and how to go about planting one. This article has some great points on this and we plan on calling 811 to make sure that we can avoid unnecessary drama and accidents. I hope that we can get this figured out and start growing soon.

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