October 23, 2017

I Remember: Growing Up With Family And Community

Throughout my growing up years, my father and grandfather farmed together in Michigan’s Lapeer County. They were both full-time farmers until the mid-1950s when dad began working elsewhere. Our 160-acre family farm included milk cows, hogs, sheep and … [Read more...]

What can you do to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?

Do's DO purchase and install carbon monoxide detectors that meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard 2034-95. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper placement, use and maintenance. If the detectors plug into the wall, be sure they have a … [Read more...]

Co-op Careers Offer Paycheck And A Purpose

October is National Cooperative Month! Every day in this country, more than 75,000 men and women go to work at America’s electric cooperatives to keep the lights on for 42 million energy consumers in 47 states. It’s challenging work, but in addition to a … [Read more...]

Wild, Wild Midwest Wardens

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) mission statement makes its purpose clear: maintain the safety of all while enforcing the laws that safeguard the natural resources of our state. Just like their fellow police officers, the conservation … [Read more...]

Michigan Co-ops Empower Future Leaders

Youth Tour Washington, D.C. Highlights Designed to inspire the leaders of tomorrow, Youth Tour teaches the brightest students of Michigan about their past—and helps equip them with the skills they need to be Michigan’s next generation of energy-minded … [Read more...]

Restoring The Great Lakes Lighthouses

Scattered along Michigan’s shoreline and numbering over 200 at their peak, the Great Lakes lighthouses once served as a beacon of hope to the weary seafarer. Today only 124 lights still stand, many in desperate need of repair. Enter the Great Lakes … [Read more...]

The New Guys: MI Local Hops Stands Out In Growing Hops Industry

Before your bartender at the local beer tap fills an empty pint glass or you snatch up a six-pack of brew at your hometown liquor store, you may be surprised to learn that many of your favorite beers began their journey to the tap in the rich, fertile soil … [Read more...]

Beaver Island’s Music Festival Offers Unique Vibes In A Throwback Setting

With a population of 600 living on 56 square miles of land off the coast of Charlevoix in Lake Michigan and accessible only by boat or air, Beaver Island could be described as a throwback to another era. How fitting then that the island hosts its own … [Read more...]

Protect & Serve: The Sweet Story Of Cops & Doughnuts

There’s something sweet happening in Clare, Michigan, and it’s on a roll. It started with a classic tale of a group of small-town police officers sitting in a local doughnut shop back in 2009. But then a twist occurred—the owner of Clare City Bakery told … [Read more...]

Doughnuts & Craft Beer: A Divine Pairing

This month's cover story features the fun-loving Cops & Doughnuts bakeries. So, what better than to pair a few of these business-savvy police officer’s favorite baked goods with some popular Michigan—made beers. It’s a fun idea for dinner parties, … [Read more...]