April 24, 2018

Give Thanks: Kids Who Practice Gratitude Grow in Health, Happiness and Learning

My grandson D.J. performs a trick these days that makes us all melt. His dad calls out, “D.J., you’re welcome.” To which D.J. chirps, “Thank-you!” in his not-quite-2-year-old dialect. He also says “thank you” when you hand him something he loves—say a … [Read more...]

Eat Together

How to reclaim the tradition of eating together at the family table. These are busy days and most are over-scheduled with family members headed in different directions. Families are likely to eat only a meal or two together each week. Are we missing out … [Read more...]

College Bound: What To Know As They Go

Congratulations! Your son or daughter graduated from high school! Now, the freshman year of college is on your doorstep, and it’s a huge transition for you both. Here’s a few tips to help avoid some of the “freshmen woes.” Talk To Your Student “From my … [Read more...]

Park, Picnic & Play: Family Friendly Places to Enjoy The Outdoors

Nothing embodies summer more than a casual picnic. Mention it to your kids and they instantly smile. There’s just something magical about eating food outside on a picnic table or on the green grass. Pack your own picnic or stop at a roadside market along … [Read more...]

Decisions, Decisions: Michigan’s Expanding Public School Choices

Researchers estimate the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions a day. If that’s true, I’d guess that parenting decisions add a couple thousand a day extra to the mix. Perhaps no parenting decision is more important than choosing the right schools. … [Read more...]

Use Your Own Money: How To Start Your Child On An Allowance

A teen magazine caught my daughter’s eye in the store recently. She wanted it, but not enough to spend her allowance. This is exactly the decision-making we were hoping to inspire when we began giving her an allowance. Many Michigan schools are … [Read more...]

Musician Helps Kids Who Stutter

Early intervention is the key to helping prevent stuttering and speech problems. For many people, springtime brings hope and joyful anticipation. But for those who struggle with stuttering, the old fears of speaking and being teased are the same in … [Read more...]

College, Connections, Career!

Networking tips to help college grads land their first job. College graduation season is coming, launching a new crop of young adults seeking their first “real” job. But, today’s high unemployment rates make that search a daunting challenge. There is … [Read more...]

You Can’t Make Me: Tips for Bringing Out the Best in Your Strong-willed Child.

For 22 years, 6 months and 21 days, I was a perfect parent. I knew exactly how to get babies to sleep, toddlers to eat, and teens to clean their rooms. I had parenting under control. Then I had my first baby, and I learned that real, live children … [Read more...]

A Blizzard of Kindness

No one will forget the “big one” of March 2nd, 2012. Over 2 feet of heavy, wet snow fell overnight throughout northern Michigan, and left thousands of people without power. Some weren’t prepared and needed food and water. Cars were left vacant in ditches … [Read more...]