Is An Electric Vehicle Right For You?

Electric vehicles remain a hot topic in 2019, as the purchase and use of EVs has fast-tracked in popularity across the country. In rural Michigan, electric co-ops are keeping a close eye on the EV industry and can serve as a good resource if you have questions about purchasing one this year.

Below are some resources to help you determine if you are ready to take charge behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

How much can I expect to save?

Calculate the overall cost of EV ownership, customize it to your personal circumstances, and compare it to conventional vehicles.


What tax incentives are available?

While the operating costs of EVs are substantially lower, EVs can be more expensive to purchase than their conventional counterparts—although this up-front cost continues to decline as U.S. demand for electric vehicles rises. The good news is that the federal government offers limited tax credits up to $7,500 to EV buyers that can lower the up-front costs. Find specific tax credit amounts for individual vehicles.