If your idea of roughing it means finding the ice machine on another floor of your hotel, glamping might be for you!

Glamping or “glamorous camping” combines the intimacy of camping with the perks of a luxury hotel. Amenities can include everything from bath and laundry facilities to clubhouses and recreation halls. Accommodations will vary, but typically includes Airstreams and other trailers, barns, farmhouses, cabins, huts and teepees. You can even go glamping in a tree house!

Perfect for the vacationer who wants to enjoy nature without getting dirty, Michigan’s first glamping eco-resort opened recently, with limited facilities, in Antrim County. Bella Solviva (Swedish for beautiful hope) covers more than 200 acres on the western edge of the Jordan River Valley, and will offer glamping grounds with restrooms, a fitness center, free firewood, and ice, as well as catered meals.

The owner, Brad Carlson, believes glamping will be a fun trend in the very traditional world of vacationing in Michigan. “Glamping will appeal to those who want to rejuvenate in nature but prefer doing so comfortably,” said Carlson.

In the plans are several different-themed getaways. For the most adventurous traveler, Neverland Escapade offers hobbit huts and tree dwellings to stow-away yachts and authentic teepees. Vacationers who prefer a more nostalgic experience will enjoy Bella Solviva’s Route 66, featuring vintage RVs and tent sites for the do-it-yourself glamper. Bella Solviva will even offer a replica of the M*A*S*H unit complete with swamp tents, a supply hut and mess tent for larger gatherings.

The eco-chic resort embraces environmental stewardship by finding the perfect balance between recreation and sustainability. Bella Solviva uses nontoxic cleaning agents, organic sheets and towels, bulk amenities and non-disposable dishes, on-site transportation with green vehicles and meals prepared with locally-grown food. Future plans include reliance on solar, wind and hydro power.

They say seeing is believing and “Five billion stars beat a five-star hotel any day,” Carlson says.

Visit bellasolviva.com for more information on availability.


  1. This place does not exist. It is supposed to be located about 3 miles from our family’s northern property. They are looking for investors to finance their dream. It sounds as though they may be taking reservations/money. You should probably take a trip and visit for yourself.

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