By Dallas Braun, General Manager

As an electric cooperative, Thumb Electric is guided by an elected board of directors who represent its members’ best interest when making decisions. Bylaws, policies and required director educational courses through National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) help guide directors in their decision-making process. Being a member of the cooperative’s board is not to be taken lightly and is an important position of commitment and responsibility. Decisions made by the board of directors have an impact on political and practical matters, including things like energy policy, reliability, rates, patronage, and system improvements.

Thumb Electric is a multi-million dollar electric utility. Being a director with this level of responsibility requires an understanding of the community’s needs, while at the same time serving the cooperative members’ best interest. This balancing act requires a director to be engaged and knowledgeable on the issues.

It is important to attract and retain strong directors who have broad experience and fresh ideas and perspectives that help develop strategies and enact policies that help Thumb Electric be competitive, provide great service, and meet financial goals and obligations.

Thumb Electric’s board consists of nine directors, three from distinct geographical areas in each county of Huron, Sanilac, and Tuscola. Thumb Electric’s board is a democratically elected body nominated by the members of the cooperative and voted into position by any member that chooses to participate in the cooperative’s open election process. At Thumb Electric’s Annual Meeting held at the Thumb Octagon barn near Gagetown, members vote on three director positions, one from each county, to serve a three-year term.

Each member of the cooperative has one vote and is encouraged to participate in the process. Next year’s Annual Meeting is scheduled for June 8, 2019. Pencil the date in to exercise your right to vote; and while you are there, enjoy the many historical and educational items on display at the Octagon Barn property.