wolverineWolverine Power Cooperative continues to work closely with its member cooperatives to ensure reliable and safe delivery of electricity across its 1,600-mile transmission system.

During the fall months each year, Wolverine staff meets with engineers from Cherryland Electric Cooperative, Great Lakes Energy, HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative, and Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op, to discuss projects requiring immediate attention, as well as long-term transmission planning.

“We identify transmission improvements across a five-year span of time,” explains Danny Janway, Wolverine’s vice president of engineering and operations. “Our list of potential projects is prioritized, but subject to change from year-to-year to reflect shifting or new electric load or reliability concerns.”

The five-year work plan for the years 2013 through 2017 identifies upgrades or new construction of 185 miles of line on Wolverine’s transmission system, seven transmission substations, and nine distribution substations.

“Once transmission projects are selected for the five-year work plan, we discuss solutions collectively to determine whether an upgrade will address work identified or a complete rebuild is needed,” Janway says.

Line rebuilds for the next five years are concentrated in the southwestern portion of the Lower Peninsula. The seven transmission and nine distribution substations in the 2013– 2017 work plan are located in the service areas of Cherryland, Great Lakes, HomeWorks and Presque Isle. Wolverine’s newest member-cooperative, Midwest Energy Cooperative, currently owns and maintains its own distribution system, which is separate from Wolverine’s transmission facilities.

Extension Granted for WCEV Air Quality Permit

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) approved an 18-month extension for the Wolverine Clean Energy Venture (WCEV) air quality permit in late 2012. This extension gives Wolverine until June 29, 2014, to commence construction of the proposed 600-megawatt power plant at a site near Rogers City.

Wolverine is continuing development of the WCEV in 2013, although work on the project will be limited. The co-op will focus on legal defense of the air quality permit and monitor regulatory and political developments.