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  1. Dandelion Memories

    When I was a girl, I loved to pick dandelions for my mother. I didn’t realize they were a weed. In my eyes they were a cherished flower—bright, yellow, and always a happy face. Once while wearing a new dress and skipping through a field of dandelions, I began to pick some for my mother. I picked so many, my hands were full. So I made a bowl out of my dress and filled it up. When I arrived home and presented Mom with those flowers, we both noticed my dress was now stained yellow. I was heartsick. She was not. She just smiled, hugged, and thanked me for the dandelions.

    Flash forward fifty years. My oldest grandson Jake loves nature as much as I do. When he first visited me in Northern Michigan from his home in Florida, I took him to a nearby nature trail in the woods. He loved running here and there, exploring every tree and wildflower, marveling at a pond, and getting up close to bugs.

    Recently, his family moved back to Michigan. We explored the same trail, just Jake and I, my nature buddy. We happened upon some dandelions which had gone to seed. Jake just had to blow those tiny helicopters off into the wild blue yonder.

    Dandelions. They will forever be the ultimate fun flower for generations to come.

  2. I submitted the “I Remember” story called “Dandelion Memories.” I couldn’t see how to include the photos on the same submission, so I sent three different photos for this story. I have a few others if the resolution isn’t good enough. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

    Ellen Whitehead

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