Advanced Metering Infrastructure Update

Twenty-seven 100-foot poles fabricated by Moran Iron Works have now been set. Including the installations at the Cheboygan, Onaway, Moltke, Hillman and Lewiston radio/cell towers, PIE&G now has 32 AMI collectors deployed.

The collectors (communications equipment) are mounted high on the poles and communication towers to receive data that will provide meter readings, outage information which enables faster response and restoration times and will identify repair and maintenance issues.

As of Oct. 10, approximately 89% of all electric meters have been replaced with AMI meters.

Our third-party meter and software partners have also developed a prototype interface to remotely collect natural gas meter readings. Seven of these modules were deployed in the field, and so far, testing has been favorable. This part of the project will continue into 2023.

Connect Fiber Update

Your PIE&G Connect team began offering high-speed fiber internet services to members in July, and as of Oct. 7, over 252 subscribers are connected to the network. We’ve received submissions from 3,504 members interested in receiving fiber internet service. Members should go to or and click on the red icon labeled “I’m Interested in Fiber” to start the process of obtaining service. As we continue to build the network and open additional zones, PIE&G will contact interested members to indicate next steps.

Currently, PIE&G Connect has four “zones” open for new fiber internet service—Onaway 1, Onaway 4, Canada Creek 3, and Canada Creek 4. Please see our Facebook and Country Lines articles to see our maps of these areas and find your “Map Location” on your electric bill. You can then go to to find where your map location falls in our construction plan.

Our technical and business teams are working to implement voice services soon with a December target. Members who are now connected to PIE&G Connect high-speed fiber internet have expressed that they are very pleased with the service.