Thumb Electric Cooperative is deploying an automated metering infrastructure (AMI). After deployment, you can expect…

Increased efficiency & safety

Operating more efficiently helps us keep costs down for our members.

  • With data from the AMI system coming directly to our offices, we will be able to read your meter remotely. Members will no longer be required to read their meters monthly. Remote disconnects and reconnects mean co-op vehicles will spend less time on the road, reducing expenses. This ability will also improve employee safety by avoiding dangers associated with entering private property.
  • Automatic meter tampering alerts will reduce the possibility of energy theft, saving the cooperative and its members’ money.

Increased reliability

New tools for diagnosing problems and disruptions help us improve reliability for our members.

  • With more detailed information about what is happening in the field, we will be able to respond faster to outages: The AMI system will automatically report to us when and where there is an outage or disturbance.
  • With more data we can also improve power quality by being proactive and correcting problems such as high/low voltage, part power, blinks, and overheating meter bases to name a few.
  • More data enables us to provide more accurate information about outages and restoration times. This system will also allow us to eliminate truck rolls for false outage calls.

New tools to help keep electric bills affordable

  • The new system means more information about how you are using electricity. We can help you diagnose problems leading to high energy bills. Members will be able to view their hourly electric consumption using the internet or SmartHub app.
  • This AMI system is a capital investment project approved by the board and will be financed as other capital investments, such as the circuit rebuilds, new trucks and other system upgrades.

Deployment Timeline

End Of 2019
Ubly Substation Circuits

Full System In All Three Counties

Project Completion