PIE&G continues to implement technology improvements with its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project. Employees and contractors resumed work in April. At that time, PIE&G had installed approximately nine 100-foot poles (manufactured for PIE&G by Moran Iron Works of Onaway) in strategic areas. As of August, an additional seventeen 100-foot poles are scheduled to be set by year-end. Equipment mounted high on the poles will help PIE&G collect meter readings, detect outages for faster restorations, and identify potential power quality issues for maintenance and improved reliability. So far, PIE&G has installed approximately 27,000 advanced meters, or about three-quarters of its active electric system. PIE&G’s AMI system will provide members with the most advanced, secure, and reliable technology available.

Pictured (L to R) are Jason MacArthur—senior service technician, Tom Sobeck PIE&G president & CEO, Cassie DeMaestri—owner, State Street Dairy, and Ruthanne Largent—director of broadband operations

PIE&G Connect began building its fiber internet network in the Onaway area last fall, and earlier this year, about 20 members residing close to the PIE&G headquarters participated in a pilot program to test the network and related support systems. The new fiber division announced a significant milestone in August when it connected its first official residential account to members James and Deborah Palomaris and the first official business account to The State Street Dairy, owned by Cassie DeMaestri. Connections are moving forward in the Onaway area. Members are encouraged to submit their interest in receiving fiber service at www.piegconnect.com, and when fiber is available in their area, a PIE&G member services representative will contact members who have submitted interest to discuss next steps. Service will be available to members receiving electric service. Visit www.pieg.com/fiber-construction-timeline for details.

Together, these projects will allow PIE&G to provide members with modern, enhanced services. The new building headquarters and AMI projects are expected to add efficiencies to daily operations, and AMI will improve reliability. Access to high-speed internet has become a staple in everyday life and we view it to be as essential as our electricity and natural gas service.