The transition to an Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) is well underway. At the rate we are moving, most members will be finished reading their own meter by Spring 2021. We thought it would be helpful to share common questions we’ve received about the new meters and how member billing will be affected. 

Q. What should I expect in regard to my first bill with the new meter?

A. Your first billing with a new meter could reflect a higher number of billing days. For example, we will always use readings going forward from around the 25th of the month. If you normally read your meter on the 10th of the month, you would be billed for 45 days that first month, but going forward you will return to a normal 30-day reading schedule always from around the 25th.

Q. Will my bill increase after I get an AMI meter?

A. No. Your bill will not increase from an AMI meter. The only difference will be that your reading will come in automatically. Electric meters are held to a high standard in Michigan, the same as a gasoline pump, natural gas meter, or fuel truck delivering home heating fuel. The division of weights and measures in Michigan keeps a tight handle on this. Other utilities ran into trouble with this on AMI meter installs, not from higher meter readings, but from estimated readings due to incomplete coverage. Our communication system is fully deployed, so obtaining readings will not be an issue.

Q. How do I know when I no longer need to read my meter?

A. You will receive a door hanger notifying you that your meter has been replaced, and you will no longer be required to read your own meter. If you somehow missed this hanger, other signs you no longer need to read your meter include:

  1. Not having reading entry boxes on your bill
  2. Not being allowed to put readings into your SmartHub account
  3. Not being allowed to put a reading over the phone system


  1. Is this only for electric meters, or does it include propane gas meters also?
    Thank you.

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