April 20, 2014

Improving the Efficiency of Older Doors

Energy losses from inefficient entry doors can account for a significant part of your monthly utility bills. When leaky doors create drafts, people tend to set the furnace thermostat higher, which wastes even more energy. There are ways to improve the … [Read more...]

Help Your Electric Co-op Keep Rates Affordable

A message for all Michigan electric co-op member-owners. . . The fight to maintain affordable, reliable electricity continues–and you can help! Co-op members are needed to step up and let their voices be heard. Electric co-ops across the country are … [Read more...]

Tightening the net

Electric co-ops innovate to secure their members' digital data Amidst continuing cyber threats from crafty computer hackers, electric coops are mounting sturdy defenses to safeguard their members’ digital data and ensure reliable power delivery. One way … [Read more...]

Hydropower: Time-tested Renewable Energy

This is fifth in a series on how electricity is generated. The first (January) was about coal, the second about new nuclear options (June), the third about wind (July-August), and the fourth about natural gas (October). Watch future issues for stories … [Read more...]

Biomass Fuels Renewable Energy

This is fifth in a series on how electricity is generated. The others covered clean-coal technology, nuclear, wind power and natural gas. Watch future issues for stories about other fuel sources. Biomass” consists of any biological material that can be … [Read more...]

Extreme Efficiency Makeover: Wrap Your Home In Savings

Extreme home makeovers can update your living space, but an energy efficiency makeover will ensure your home performs at its peak. Everything from “low-hanging fruit,” like swapping out lightbulbs, to “bigger ticket” items such as replacing appliances with … [Read more...]

Shale Shock: Natural Gas May Edge Out Coal as Nation’s Primary Power Source

This is fourth in a series on how electricity is generated. The others covered clean-coal technology, nuclear and wind power. Watch future issues for stories about renewables and other fuel sources. Over the past decade, the North American natural gas … [Read more...]

Top 10 Myths About Geothermal Heating, Cooling

(with apologies to David Letterman) 10. Geothermal heat pumps can only be installed in rural areas. About 15 years ago, the first McDonalds (at Ford and Hix Road in Westland, MI) to have an energy efficient geothermal system was installed, and it made … [Read more...]

LEDs Advance Farm Lighting

One of the biggest developments in lighting our homes, businesses and streets involves the use of light emitting-diodes (LED). These lightbulbs convert electricity directly into bright, white light far more efficiently than other lighting options. Farms … [Read more...]

Harvesting Efficiency: Energy Efficiency Offers Rich Rewards for Farmers

Every dairy cow carries an energy price tag. Farmers pump water—and $2.6 billion in energy dollars—to boost crops. At the end of the day, energy, both direct and indirect, accounts for 13 percent of production expenses on an average farm, so it makes sense … [Read more...]