April 22, 2018

Hiring The Right Contractor

Renovations to your home can be the perfect time to improve your home’s energy efficiency. To make sure you get those energy savings, it’s important to do some planning right from the beginning. The first step is to educate yourself so you can be in … [Read more...]

Michigan Capitol Goes Green With Geothermal

The Michigan Capitol is going “green and clean” with a new geothermal heating and cooling system. It is projected to be the largest geothermal system at a state capitol in the country at this time. Michigan has a long track record of geothermal system … [Read more...]

How To Choose Efficient Appliances

It’s never a good day when you realize you need to replace a large appliance in your home. However, when the unfortunate time comes, be sure to take a moment and consider what you will purchase—especially for appliances that haven’t been replaced in a … [Read more...]

Switch Things Up With Stylish, Efficient Lighting For Your Home

Saving energy starts with choosing the correct bulb. Efficiency standards for incandescent bulbs between 40 and 100 watts, which came into effect in 2012, led to the halogen bulb (also known as energy-efficient incandescent). These bulbs are at least 25 … [Read more...]

Valerie Brader On Michigan’s Energy Future

In the last few years, the state of Michigan has dealt with public concern over various energy issues. Cherryland Electric Cooperative recently sat down with the Executive Director for the Michigan Agency for Energy, Valerie Brader, to discuss the … [Read more...]

Choosing The Right Air Conditioner For Your Home

Do you have a central air conditioner (AC) in your home that is at least 15 years old that still works but is not very efficient? Replacing an inefficient air conditioner with a more efficient model could reduce your electric bill. A new AC unit is 20 to … [Read more...]

Michigan Legislature Approves Energy Package

By Craig Borr, CEO Michigan Electric Cooperative Association After nearly two years of discussion, dialogue, committee hearings and, at times, frustration, the Michigan Legislature passed an energy reform package as their last initiative prior to recess … [Read more...]

Geothermal Systems: The rumors of their demise are greatly exaggerated

Many of you have heard or read that the 30 percent tax credit for geothermal heat pumps expired on December 31, 2016. That is completely true. Will the government bring the tax credits back? Maybe…maybe not. Who can predict what the government will do? A … [Read more...]

Wind Energy Is Full Of Wins For Michigan

Michigan farmers, business owners and taxpayers have a lot to gain by embracing wind energy. It offers a drought-resistant cash crop, requires very little land, creates family-supporting jobs in rural areas, and injects much-needed revenue sources into … [Read more...]

Michigan Co-ops Lead The Way In Renewable Energy

Sun. Water. Wind. Michiganders know these elements can make for a great day at the beach. Michigan’s electric cooperatives also know these raw energy sources can be a great way to power your home. From solar to wind to hydroelectric (hydro) power, … [Read more...]