April 26, 2015

Spinach Pasta Salad


½ bag of store-bought spinach or 2 handfuls fresh, washed and torn (tearing spinach over cutting is preferred) 8 oz. pasta, cooked according to pkg. directions (cork screws, bow ties, wheels, work best) fat free, light, or regular Caesar dressing (your … [Read more...]

Energy Balls


¼ c. unroasted almonds or any kind of nut or seed ¾ c. old fashioned rolled oats, uncooked 2 T. ground flax seed 2–3 T. cocoa powder, depending on how chocolatey you want them 10 oz. dates 1–2 T. coconut oil, melted Place almonds in the bowl of a … [Read more...]

Mushroom Barley Soup


1 T. vegetable oil 2 c. finely chopped onion 1 c. diced carrots ½ c. diced celery 4-oz. can mushrooms, undrained 1 garlic clove, minced 14.5-oz. can beef broth 14.5-oz. can chicken broth 2 c. water ½ c. pearl barley 1 t. salt ½ t. pepper 3 T. … [Read more...]

Easy Taco Soup 


1½-2 lbs. ground beef 1 large onion, diced 2 15.5-oz. cans pink or red kidney beans 15.5-oz. can pinto or chili beans 15.5-oz. can shoe peg corn (or whole kernel corn) 14.5-oz. can diced tomatoes and green chilies 2 14.5-oz. cans, any brand, … [Read more...]

Deviled Egg Sandwiches


10 slices bread soft butter or margarine, optional 5 hard-cooked eggs, finely chopped 1 t. prepared mustard ¼ t. onion salt ¹?8 t. bottled steak sauce 1 T. chopped parsley 2 T. chopped pimento 2 t. cider vinegar ¼ c. mayonnaise Spread bread … [Read more...]

Balsamic Chicken Sandwich


2 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed ½ t. salt ¼ c. whole wheat flour 3 T. olive oil ½ t. pepper 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 c. lowfat, reduced sodium chicken broth ½ c. balsamic vinegar 6 T. firmly packed dark brown sugar 6 ciabatta … [Read more...]

Beef Keema


2 T. oil 1 lg. onions, chopped 3 cloves fresh garlic, chopped 1 T. fresh ginger, chopped 1 1/2 lb. ground beef 2 1/2 t. ground coriander 2 1/2 t. ground cumin 1/4 t. fresh ground black pepper 1/2 t. turmeric 1/8 t. cinnamon 1 1/2 t. salt 1 lb. … [Read more...]

Moroccan Tagine in Crockpot 


Olive oil 6–8 pieces bone-in or boneless pork or chicken McCormick® Moroccan Seasoning 2½ c. chopped onions ¼ c. fi nely chopped garlic 1 c. unsalted stock (chicken, pork or vegetable) 1 T. honey 1 cinnamon stick ²?³ c. dried apricots, chopped 2 … [Read more...]

Holiday Spinach Dip

Holiday Spinich Dip

1 large round crusty bread, slice off top and hollow 2 pkgs. 10-oz. spinach, defrosted, chopped, squeezed 2 c. sour cream 2 c. Hellman’s® mayo 1 c. chopped onion, very fine 2 t. dill weed 2 T. oregano 1 ½ t. Lawry’s® seasoning salt Mix all … [Read more...]

Low Effort Eggnog

Low Effort Eggnog

4 egg yolks 1?3 c. sugar, plus 1 T. 1 pint whole milk 1 c. heavy cream 3 oz. rum or bourbon (or extract) 1 t. freshly grated nutmeg 4 egg whites In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat the egg yolks until they lighten in color. Gradually add the 1?3 c. … [Read more...]