From hideouts that resemble a cozy cottage (complete with area rug) to basic shelters, we received more than 60 entries in our Country Lines tricked-out deer blind contest. Who knew there were so many cool deer blind styles? Thanks to all who participated—it was difficult to choose! Our winners are featured below, but other submissions can be viewed here.

Ward Forquer“Most Tricked-Out”
Congratulations to Ward Forquer, a HomeWorks Tri-County member, for having the most tricked-out blind. Affectionately known as “Fort Miller Lite,” it’s a two-story 10 by 14-foot insulated structure with a carpeted observation room, solar panel, propane heat and lights, 13-inch flat screen color TV, bunk beds, and customized Miller Lite memorabilia. Located in Isabella County, it can host up to 12 people.



Ronald Camp1“Most Interestingly-Engineered”
Kudos to Ronald Camp for building the most interestingly-engineered blind. Working in underground excavation for 30 years, Ron envisioned a 36-foot underground storage tank for his shelter. The HomeWorks Tri-County member set the tank upright, above ground, and added a cupola at the top that swivels 360 degrees. Getting to the top means climbing a 28-rung ladder, but he is installing a 12-volt elevator.




Dean Ronk“Best Story Behind the Blind”
Dean Ronk made his deerblind after finding that nearly every garage sale had a fake Christmas tree—usually with a bent, broken base or missing branches. The Midwest Energy co-op member decided to bend the wire tree branches around a circle of hog fencing, with heavy plastic as a roof. His idea has gained popularity, and he says, “it makes hunting affordable, and a ‘green’ way to hunt by recycling old trees.” Now he makes them for friends, and people are giving him their old trees.


  1. The printed magazine said we could visit this site to see the other entries, but I can’t find them. Help?

  2. To view other entries in the Country Lines Deer Blind contest, please click the orange “here” link at the end of the paragraph at the top of this page. Thanks for reading with us….

  3. While the winner’s “blind” is pretty amazing, but seems more like a home away from home. Where is the line from a “blind” to a “man cave” or “cottage” drawn? I’m thinking if you have electricity and/or running water, it’s over it. Just my 2 cents as a long time hunter.

    • Hi Leslie,
      The blind on the cover was the winner only of the the “Most Tricked Out” category, and the other two winners represent a good mix of a basic “blind” and a “man cave” (and, there was an entry that really was a cute cottage!). I see where you are coming from as a long-time hunter, but there are also a lot of female hunters, and does there really have to be a line drawn if all are enjoying themselves? Just my 2 cents, too.

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