By: Brian Maiki, Alger Delta Cooperative member. Brian is in his 25th year of adult education, teaching technology classes to people from all walks of life. He enjoys writing for his tech blog and exploring the U.P.

Some things in life are hard to explain. They don’t translate well with human intellect. But in life, there are plenty of hidden messages, secret codes, and reminders without voices. This is one of those hard-to-believe stories. I share it often, but few believe me.

I was 19 years old; life had just begun. I was still wet behind the ears, and still lacking in maturity. I didn’t believe in the boogeyman, Santa Claus, four-leaf clovers, fairy tales, magic, fate, a lucky rabbit’s foot, numerology, and, above all, spiritual connections. I saw those ideals depicted in Hollywood movies, but in my world, they held no personal meaning.

But all that was to change forever on February 24, 1990.

My whole world came crashing down that day. Three family members had died within three months of each other: my grandfather, an uncle, and finally—the pinnacle—my father, Albert, who passed away at age 57. To survive the turmoil of so many personal losses, I kept my emotions distant. I never cried. I never got emotional or out of control. I lived each day. I focused. My strong will to survive carried me through. Each of them would tell me to do so.

My father owned a red Ford F150 truck. It was sitting in the driveway. Right after his death, I would find myself wandering outside, unlocking the cab door, and sitting inside of it alone. In this eerie silence, I felt closer to him, closer to his scent, closer to the man and father that I loved. After the sixth visit in a week, I prayed for a sign. Any sign. Some kind of declaration that things were going to be okay. That my life would go on with his blessing, and I got my wish.

While I glanced at the odometer, the mileage read 002,249.0.

I had to take a second look to decipher it. The numbers said something. It was his message. He spoke to me. The cab immediately filled with warmth, understanding, gratitude, love, and I cried so hard, so fast, for so long. My eyes were a water lust of happiness, forgiveness, and relief. I was in shock. He was telling me something from beyond the grave. A familiar voice had returned. I felt safe inside of that truck. He was with me. His spirit was near. Life made sense.

The moral of the story: My love for numerology began that day, a day I will never forget. My father’s hidden message was direct and straightforward: February (02), day (24), and year (90). It was the date of his untimely death, locked forever inside the odometer of his pickup truck. Unique. Breathtaking. Poignant. This wasn’t luck. It wasn’t a coincidence. It wasn’t even a miracle. It was his special way of saying that everything was okay. Through numerals, he passed through time and touched my life. And it was beautiful. I loved him and he knew it.


  1. Absolutely loved the story…you have written so many pieces that we have enjoyed over the years….were so happy that you are stilll writing.

  2. Hi Brian:

    You captured a very poignant moment in such a beautiful way! It felt good reading about it and made me think of similar occurrences.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I absolutely Love this story. It really helped me with the things that have happened since my Dad passed away. I would really Love to talk with the woman in this story. I am going to save this story and put it in with my Dad’s items. Thank You Very Much for writing this story. Now I know I’m not Crazy.

  4. I remember those faces from so long ago. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story. Inspiring to know your dad came to you after his passing and offered comfort, so you could move forward in a very positive manner. Keep up with that positive attitude.

  5. In my experience is is not uncommon for a person to feel some sort of connection to a person that has died as well as the loss. I’m glad it happened for you in a positive way. One of my sisters and I feel the positive connection with our parents, who died at different times. Our connection is through the bluebirds that re-appear on the farm and we believe that our parents communicate with us in some way with the birds. When I was collecting some toys from a home where the father died, I sensed a presence that was not pleasant and I left very soon. While at the Little Big Horn in Montana, I could feel the horror of the physical conflict, while I was on the battlegrounds. Maybe people have to be open to this experience. I hope my sons and grandchildren will feel this connection to me after I die.

  6. Brian, count me as one who believes your story. I am a believer in Jesus Christ who also believes there is far more to our spiritual world that is not evil. I have witnessed many occurrences of such unexplainable events myself like a live, flying blue butterfly in my house in the cold of winter (Jan.) on the anniversary of my Godmother’s passing. This was the same type of blue butterfly that landed on a snowbank in front of me, 2 days after my dad died, brother to my Godmother Aunt.

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