Since May of 2021, PIE&G has implemented Advanced Metering Infrastructure (or AMI) upgrades to approximately 13,000 residential electric meters, or about one-third of its total electric services. The Co-op has approximately 22,000 electric AMI meters yet to be deployed, as well as an additional 8,000 AMI modules to be installed on its natural gas meters. The custom natural gas modules will be mounted onto the existing gas meters to allow for remote meter readings.

Work on advanced metering technology for electric and natural gas infrastructure is expected to continue throughout 2022. Deployment of additional electric AMI meters will resume beginning in March or April. PIE&G continues to face some of the similar delays that other businesses are experiencing—namely material shortages and lack of product availability in the supply chain. Material shortages are expected to continue in 2022. Weather and other unforeseen issues may also affect the technology deployment schedule.

A friendly reminder to members to please continue to read and report your meter readings until the meter reading boxes on your billing stub have been removed. You may submit meter readings several ways—by writing them on your billing stub and returning them with your payment, by entering them using our Pay-By-Phone service at 866-999-4571, or by using SmartHub (online at or with our free mobile app).

As always, our member service representatives are available to assist you during office hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call 800-423-6634 or visit us at our new headquarters office at 3149 State Street (M-211) in Onaway.