April 22, 2018

Mute Swans Are Crowding Other Species

Swans have a special place in art and literature. Youngsters are told about the ugly duckling—a young bird that is ostracized by the others until it grows into a beautiful swan. Swans also figure prominently in several major operas and Tchaikovsky’s famous … [Read more...]

Pier Opportunities!

There’s obviously a lot of fishing to be done off Michigan’s shores, and a billion-dollar industry has grown up serving those that do—from boat dealers to charter boat services. But there are plenty of fishing opportunities for those who are bound to the … [Read more...]

Marathon Paddler: ‘Amazing Al’ is Ready to Go the Distance

There is little to compare with the spectacle at the start of the annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon. Thousands of cheering fans line the river’s banks in downtown Grayling. Their collective din reaches a crescendo when the start gun goes off as racers … [Read more...]

Island Power: Keeping Beaver Island Plugged In

When the power goes out in the middle of the night on Beaver Island, Mike McDonough is the one who climbs out of bed. No matter that a blizzard may be raging over Lake Michigan on this remote island 32 miles offshore from Charlevoix. McDonough (pictured … [Read more...]

Holy Bat Cave!

This is the only one in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. It’s not the typical bat cave the Caped Crusader would hang out in—in fact it’s not a cave at all—but northern Michigan bats don’t seem to care. Up to 20,000 bats hibernate every winter in the cavernous … [Read more...]

Shooting Preserves Extend Bird Season

Upland bird hunting season is short in Michigan. It begins on Sept. 15, when grouse season opens, picks up steam as pheasant and quail season open (Oct. 20 in the Lower Peninsula), takes a 16-day break in November for firearms deer season, and comes to a … [Read more...]

Highly Prized

Ours is a mass-production society, and those of us who live in Michigan have been smack in the middle of it ever since Henry Ford first dreamed up the assembly line. The advantages of mass production are obvious—not only are the costs of consumer goods … [Read more...]

Can Michigan Restore Its Pheasant Hunting Heritage?

You may need at least a little gray in your hair to remember it, but there was a time when white-tailed deer were not the preferred quarry for Michigan hunters. Until the mid-1960s, more hunters pursued pheasants than deer. Since then, however, the trends … [Read more...]

DNR Change Allows Younger Kids To Hunt With Mentors

Bob Walker has been taking his eight-year-old grandson Hugh with him on hunting adventures since the lad could keep up. “He’s hunted with us since he’s been tiny,” says Walker, a Kingston resident, Thumb Electric Co-op member, and life-long … [Read more...]

On Guard Against Asian Carp

The threat of Asian carp entering the Great Lakes involves so many different jurisdictions that most observers pin their hopes on a federal solution to avert an ecological nightmare. And while Michigan natural resources officials continue to press for … [Read more...]