September 26, 2016

All Politics Is Local

In two months, Americans will go to the polls and cast votes for a president, 34 senators, 435 members of Congress, 12 governors, 5,920 state legislators and countless other local races. While the presidential race is at the top of most voters’ minds, … [Read more...]

The Wheels on the Bus

Admit it. You just sang “go round and round” in your head. September brings cooler temperatures, football season, and the start of a new school year accompanied by a fleet of familiar vehicles on northern Michigan roads. Recognized by their distinctive … [Read more...]

Mining for Gold in the U.P.

On the shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula, you can catch a glimpse of the world’s largest wooden dome, fittingly called Superior Dome. It’s certainly a site to see, but even more remarkable is what is happening inside. Along with hosting … [Read more...]

The Glamping Trend

If your idea of roughing it means finding the ice machine on another floor of your hotel, glamping might be for you! Glamping or “glamorous camping” combines the intimacy of camping with the perks of a luxury hotel. Amenities can include everything from … [Read more...]

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

You can’t see, taste or smell carbon monoxide, but it can be deadly. Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a gas that is found whenever fuel is burned. Known as the “silent killer,” CO causes an average of 430 deaths per year and more than 20,000 hospital emergency … [Read more...]

Art Wins Hearts of the Public Twice

Artists are often seen as “rule breakers”—bumping up against the norm and defining new and different ways of both viewing and doing things. Few artists have been called “rule makers,” but that’s exactly what husband and wife duo, Steve and Ann Loveless, … [Read more...]

Asparagus Reigns in Michigan

In the second week of June, Oceana County, also known as “The Asparagus Capital of the Nation,” gears up for its annual Asparagus Festival. Started in 1974, it’s the longest running asparagus festival in the country. It boasts all the events you’d expect—a … [Read more...]

How To Use Ceiling Fans for Year Round Comfort, Savings

People often wonder which ceiling fans to install. There are so many models and prices, leaving some to wonder if they can help cut energy costs. People typically think of fans only for summertime comfort and lower air-conditioning costs. Ceiling fans … [Read more...]

I Remember: A Unique Driving Lesson

When my daughter was almost 15, I took her down a narrow traffic-free dirt road in northern Michigan to teach her gear shifting in our Volkswagen GTI. She quickly got the hang of using the clutch and gears and was quietly cruising down the road when, … [Read more...]

Perform An Annual Safety Inspection On Your Boat And Dock Before Lifting The Anchor

Water comprises almost one-half of Michigan, so it’s easy to see why the state boasts a thriving recreational industry and leads the nation with nearly 1 million registered pleasure boats. For boating and water safety, there are items you must legally … [Read more...]