April 24, 2018

Doughnuts & Craft Beer: A Divine Pairing

This month's cover story features the fun-loving Cops & Doughnuts bakeries. So, what better than to pair a few of these business-savvy police officer’s favorite baked goods with some popular Michigan—made beers. It’s a fun idea for dinner parties, … [Read more...]

Jampot Bakery Offers A Divine Experience

For area residents and tourists alike, no drive along the Keweenaw Peninsula’s scenic lakefront is complete without a stop at The Jampot. The shop is operated by a small order of Byzantine monks and well-known for everything homemade, from jams and jellies … [Read more...]

Shaggy’s Company Skis to Success

Like most kids, Jeff and Jonathon Thompson loved taking things apart and putting them back together, never thinking that their inquisitiveness might lead to a new family business. They were teenagers when they first built a surfboard with the help of … [Read more...]

Croff Craft Custom Driftboats: Small Boats With Big Attitude

Phil Croff wasn’t planning to start a boat-building business when he constructed his first driftboat in 2006, using Michigan cedar and walnut. He was looking for a safe way to fish rivers at night—a time when big brown trout come out to feed and anglers … [Read more...]

Mitten Bar Fits Her Like A Glove

When is a beer not just a beer? When it’s the ideology behind a gathering place for those who enjoy the camaraderie shared over a handcrafted adult beverage. That’s the thinking that launched The Mitten Bar, a Ludington hangout that serves only … [Read more...]

Asparagus Wine Is ‘One of a Kind’

As a girl, Kellie Chase had her fill of picking asparagus on the family’s West Michigan farm. Making wine from the vegetable—making any kind of wine—was as far-removed from her thinking as the big city excitement she longed for. “I was one of those kids … [Read more...]

Trenary Wood Products: White Cedar From the Heart of the U.P.

The incense of cut cedar fills the air; motes of sawdust drift through the sunlight that streams through large windows. The high-pitched whine of the saw makes conversation difficult as the four-man crew cuts, sorts, squares off, and packs. Trenary Wood … [Read more...]

Fish Carver Extraordinaire!

Where most people see a cedar fence post, Dave Kober sees a trout. Or a perch. Or maybe even a turtle or a frog. Kober carves fish decoys—both working decoys that fishermen use when spearing through the ice, and decorative decoys that exist purely for … [Read more...]

Jewelry With a Past

Creative keepsakes made from broken dishes. In a thick binder filled with photos of Lois Miller’s work, every pitcher tells a story. As does every dinner plate, serving platter, cup and saucer that she transforms from a piece of china with sentimental … [Read more...]

Chocolates To Love

Sweethearts have expressed their affection with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates since British candy maker Richard Cadbury introduced the romantic packaging for Valentine’s Day in 1861. The custom endures, with some retailers filling the void left by … [Read more...]