February 18, 2018

Change is Certain

Last summer, a dog walked into the Bay Pines Veterinary Clinic, near Harbor Springs. He must have been amazed when the staff knew him by name. “Are you Bandit?” they asked. “THE Bandit?” His Australian Shepherd tailless butt wagged with delight as he … [Read more...]

Friendly Skies

If you’re flying somewhere this Thanksgiving, good luck. Not only will you be joining millions of other passengers in the friendly skies on one of our busiest travel weekends, but you’ll be on planes that have become more like cattle cars than the … [Read more...]

Inspired By Todd

Twenty seven seasons of attending the National Trout Festival in Kalkaska, MI, has provided me with a cherished collection of memories. I’ve enjoyed it all, but browsing at the flea market and craft show is my favorite activity. I’ve met many interesting … [Read more...]

Our Islands

Michigan not only has great lakes, we have great islands. Fox, Grand, Bois Blanc, Drummond, Poverty, Shoe and Snake. North Manitou, South Manitou, Whiskey and Waugoshance. Garlic, Gull, Ripley Rock, Partridge, Wood and Naomikong. Neebish, Two Tree, Goat … [Read more...]


The boy stood on second base waiting for the next batter to get to the plate. He looked towards the outfield and saw a bunch of boys slow their bikes, watching the game from the sidewalk that circled the ball field. Then the chatter started. “Hey batter, … [Read more...]


Barbara dragged me to a high school musical a few weeks ago. I’m glad she did. She wanted to go because the play involved students she taught in middle school and are among the last she taught before retiring. I didn’t know anyone in the production or … [Read more...]

For the Love of Wood

We bought a table and two chairs a few months ago. They’re counter-height and sit in a bay window where we can catch the southern sun on a bright winter day. The spot is also great for coffee and a book, lunch or an evening beer. The warm wood tones add … [Read more...]

Water Wars

Sometime in the fall of 1944, a drunken driver dove his car into the basement of the unfinished house where we would one day live. We found this out 36 years later from the carpenters who were remodeling the house to make room for our expanding family. It … [Read more...]

Blood and Rumors

I give blood when I can. I’m not going to set any records for donations, but the drops and pints are adding up, and I feel good about doing something good. For men, there is a lifesaving benefit to this modern bloodletting. We are at higher risk for … [Read more...]

Love on the Line

Lineworkers don’t work alone on your electric co-op’s power lines. Whether they are climbing 45-foot poles, restoring power, or clearing tree limbs to prevent future outages, they are never far from the hearts of those who love them. At this time of … [Read more...]