Michigan Country Lines is proud to feature entrepreneurial movers and shakers from co-op territory. Click through to meet entrepreneurs from eight different businesses (listed in no particular order) who are leaving their mark on the world.

1Ryan & Brianne Rademacher

Ryan and Brianne Rademacher are the founders of Bare Essential Oil and members of HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative

Bare Essential Oil

Husband and wife team Ryan and Brianne Rademacher proudly farm land that’s been in Ryan’s family for three generations, delivering oil straight from the family farm to your table. The idea for their business, Bare Essential Oil, came about when Ryan discovered camelina in April 2017. After researching the seed, Ryan believed he could use camelina to create superior, healthy cooking oil.




2Judith Kimball & Ilona Stroupe

Ilona Stroupe & Judy Kimball are the founders of Presque Isle Needleworks and members of Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op

Presque Isle Needleworks

Judith Kimball and Ilona Stroupe is the duo behind Presque Isle Needleworks. In 1983, they created a cross-stitch kit of a local lighthouse. One pattern led to the next and, since then, they have designed at least one new lighthouse pattern each year. Because lighthouse preservation is so important to the owners, a portion of each sale goes directly to support Michigan lighthouses.


3Harold Kociba

Harold Kociba is the founder of Dizzy Daisy Winery and a member of Thumb Electric Cooperative

Dizzy Daisy Winery & Vineyard

Harold Kociba began growing grapes as a retirement project in 2006. Using the same skills and attributes that saw him through dairy farming, Harold got to work. He learned all he could about wine making—solving crises with weather, soil conditions, early frosts and unpredictable markets. Today, Harold and his team at Dizzy Daisy offer more than 75 wines.


4David Gill

David Gill is the founder of the Marquette Brewing Cooperative and a member of Alger Delta Cooperative Electric Association

Marquette Brewing Cooperative

Michigan will see its “first ever” cooperatively-owned brewery open its doors this summer in Marquette. David Gill, founder of the Marquette Brewing Cooperative, and other members of the Marquette Homebrewers Club were proud of the fantastic beers they had created and wanted to share them on a larger scale. Now, anyone can be a member-owner of the cooperative brewery. Member-owners are entitled to all the benefits of ownership, including voting rights and a share in patronage dividends.


5Kendall Rose

Kendall Rose is the founder of the Revel Rose and a member of Cherryland Electric Cooperative

The Revel Rose

The Revel Rose is an environmentally-friendly event planning company. From month of coordination to full-service wedding planning, The Revel Rose handles everything from traditional weddings with 200 guests to destination elopements and intimate weddings. What sets this company apart, however, is Kendall’s vision to weave environmental stewardship (along with her eye for detail) into events by giving clients the chance to plan a minimal waste wedding.



6Leonda Kessinger Shroyer

Leonda Kessinger Shroyer is the founder of Junque Gypsy and a member of Midwest Energy & Communications

Junque Gypsy

Leonda Kessinger Shroyer’s venture, Junque Gypsy, began 10 years ago as an online shop on Etsy. While some boutiques promote the latest trends, Shroyer sparks nostalgia in customers as she finds, restores and resells vintage toys, holiday decor, jewelry, handbags and linens. Junque Gypsy has caught the eye of curators domestically and internationally.




7Connie McDermott

Connie is the founder of 4C’s Cookies and a member of Great Lakes Energy Cooperative

4C’s Cookies & More

Connie McDermott’s cookie business is anything but cookie cutter. It all started four years ago when she started sending her daughter care packages with homemade baked goods. Today, there are 10 flavors of 4C’s Cookies sold in 16 locations across Michigan. The largest order comes from Bridge Street Market, a Meijer affiliate store in Grand Rapids.



8Edna & Brad Yonker

Edna & Brad Yonker are the founders of the Nonesuch Gallery and members of Ontonagon County REA

Nonesuch Gallery

Located in a 1920-era building, Nonesuch Gallery is Ontonagon’s “not to be missed” shop, featuring all things quirky and artistic. Owned and run by artists Edna and Brad Yonker, the gallery features two levels for visitors to browse. Many of the items for sale are handmade by local artists.