April 24, 2014

Get your kicks on Michigan’s Route 66

Jazz pianist Nat King Cole immortalized driving the open road with his 1946 hit song, “Route 66,” a swinging rendition about traveling the fabled route from Chicago, Ill., to Los Angles, Calif. But authors John and Becky Schlatter, think the Michigan … [Read more...]

Going to the Edge for Perfect Shots

She’s dangled over an icy wall and rappelled its glassy facade, come dangerously close to the edge of several cliffs, and inched along narrow paths in the pitch-black night of the Upper Peninsula’s wilderness to capture stunning images. Photographer Shawn … [Read more...]

Fat Tire Biking: A New Winter Ride

Get used to seeing more of something unusual this winter – people biking through the snow. Whether you dub them “fat tire bikes” or “snow bikes,” the popularity of this new winter sport is gaining across Michigan for commuting, racing or just … [Read more...]

Shaggy’s Company Skis to Success

Like most kids, Jeff and Jonathon Thompson loved taking things apart and putting them back together, never thinking that their inquisitiveness might lead to a new family business. They were teenagers when they first built a surfboard with the help of … [Read more...]

Croff Craft Custom Driftboats: Small Boats With Big Attitude

Phil Croff wasn’t planning to start a boat-building business when he constructed his first driftboat in 2006, using Michigan cedar and walnut. He was looking for a safe way to fish rivers at night—a time when big brown trout come out to feed and anglers … [Read more...]

Biomass Fuels Renewable Energy

This is fifth in a series on how electricity is generated. The others covered clean-coal technology, nuclear, wind power and natural gas. Watch future issues for stories about other fuel sources. Biomass” consists of any biological material that can be … [Read more...]

Plants for a Cause

Tis’ the season for giving, as is apparent by the pleas that appear in our mailboxes from worthwhile charities this time of year. Gardeners can get in on the giving in their own special way by purchasing plants that support a cause. There have been some … [Read more...]

Tea at the Light of Day

Angela Macke has made her business of growing and producing teas a mission to make the world a better place. When we think of tea, it is often in reference to afternoon tea, or a soothing drink to sip on a chilly day. Usually, it’s just dropping a tea … [Read more...]

Mute Swans Are Crowding Other Species

Swans have a special place in art and literature. Youngsters are told about the ugly duckling—a young bird that is ostracized by the others until it grows into a beautiful swan. Swans also figure prominently in several major operas and Tchaikovsky’s famous … [Read more...]

How We’re Special

Every October since 1930, nonprofit cooperatives of all kinds have recognized National Cooperative Month as a way to educate the public about how co-ops work and to appreciate their many member-owners. This year, we highlight the seven guiding … [Read more...]