September 22, 2017

The New Guys: MI Local Hops Stands Out In Growing Hops Industry

Before your bartender at the local beer tap fills an empty pint glass or you snatch up a six-pack of brew at your hometown liquor store, you may be surprised to learn that many of your favorite beers began their journey to the tap in the rich, fertile soil … [Read more...]

Protect & Serve: The Sweet Story Of Cops & Doughnuts

There’s something sweet happening in Clare, Michigan, and it’s on a roll. It started with a classic tale of a group of small-town police officers sitting in a local doughnut shop back in 2009. But then a twist occurred—the owner of Clare City Bakery told … [Read more...]

Explore Cherry Point Farm & Market

Cherry Point Farm and Market in Oceana County is as deliciously tart and sweet as the cherries it produces, as imaginative and welcoming as its lavender labyrinth, and as chock full of history and stories like its owner delights in telling. A … [Read more...]

Small Town To Capital City: Rural Michigan’s Political Couple

Down a country road in Ionia County, not too far from where she grew up on a sesquicentennial farm, Julie Calley lives a fairly normal life. Julie is a wife, mother of three and devoted public servant. Of course, she’s also married to the lieutenant … [Read more...]

Joshua Davis: Michigan’s Music Man

Many people were introduced to Joshua Davis on NBC’s The Voice, where he stunned audiences with his authentic, grassroots sound and Midwest charm. However, those who are tuned into the Michigan music scene have known Davis for ages, both as a solo artist … [Read more...]

Dr. Pol: America’s Favorite TV Veterinarian & Local Legend

Don’t let his frank demeanor fool you. Dr. Jan Pol, also known as The Incredible Dr. Pol on National Geographic’s WILD channel, is all heart. Even his journey from his native country, the Netherlands, to rural Michigan was an act of love. Pol was an … [Read more...]

Youth Tour: The Power Of Our Future

Energy is more than the ability to do work. Energy powers our imaginations and fuels positive change. That is why, for the last 50 years, approximately 1,800 students from at least 45 states have participated in the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour program … [Read more...]

The Miller Family Farm: A Leap Into Uncharted Waters

After a long career in the construction business, Rob Miller, then a Madison, WI, resident, found himself at a crossroad when he lost his job during the 2008 economic downturn. During this time, his son, Jake, was working for a vegetable farmer. Jake’s … [Read more...]

U.P. Luge Club Competes On World Stage

Most Michiganders have had the experience of climbing a snowy hill with a plastic or wooden sled in tow, plopping down at the top and pushing off to feel the cold, stinging air. Regardless of the bumps or wipeouts that follow, most people laugh like … [Read more...]

Northern Michigan’s New Alpine Power Plant Is A Powerhouse

Wolverine Power Cooperative generates and transmits power to our rural substations so we can distribute it to you, our members. They help us ensure that your energy is affordable, reliable, clean and safe. We rely on Wolverine to make well-informed … [Read more...]