August 30, 2015

Home is Where the Art Is


Coined the largest open art competition in the world—Grand Rapid’s ArtPrize has made its mark on the art world. It has been covered by the likes of The New York Times and GQ and lauded as both a great art experiment and lambasted as the art equivalent of a … [Read more...]

Meet Michigan’s First Lady of Energy


Often referred to as Michigan’s “Energy Czar,” Valerie Brader chuckles at that moniker. She appreciates the respect, but prefers the title that Gov. Rick Snyder gave her, executive director of the Michigan Agency for Energy. Brader, 38, is the first … [Read more...]

Michigan’s Iron Man


While he makes his living from his 37-year-old business, Moran Iron Works, Tom Moran has had a second career as a teacher. His first student? Tom Moran. The son of a career lumberjack, Moran always had an interest in metalwork, but with college an … [Read more...]

Doak’s New Course: Double The Fun


A golfer’s bucket list of courses likely includes “Top 100” links by golf course architect Tom Doak, such as Pacific Dunes in Oregon and Tasmania’s Barnbougle Dunes. With his new project at Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon, MI, Doak’s own bucket list—of … [Read more...]

Basketball Madness: ‘Floored’ By Michigan Companies


Tom Izzo surveys the basketball court in Michigan State University’s Breslin Center and still relishes what that court represents. Fifteen years earlier, Izzo led the Spartans to the NCAA championship on that very floor in Indianapolis. After beating … [Read more...]

HOP HOP JINGLE BOO: Debra Schoch’s Folk Art


On the Lake Superior shore, Debra Schoch creates whimsical papier mâché holiday folk art figurines from her home in the tiny U.P. town of Ontonagon. A self-taught artist, she began experimenting in the early ’80s when she was looking for a craft project … [Read more...]

A Barrel of Fun: Portable Sauna is Good Fundraiser Too


It’s 18 degrees outside. Steam rises from a large hole cut in the middle of Millecoquin Lake. A mixed group of younger and older people are standing around looking like they’re getting ready to go to the beach, except their lips are quivering and their … [Read more...]

Meet Our Deer Blind Contest Winners


From hideouts that resemble a cozy cottage (complete with area rug) to basic shelters, we received more than 60 entries in our Country Lines tricked-out deer blind contest. Who knew there were so many cool deer blind styles? Thanks to all who … [Read more...]

Mixing it up at Short’s Brewing


Joe Short thinks of beer brewing as a “noble profession”—one rooted in ancient history. The drink of royalty and the common man, beer and pubs have long brought people together. “Beer has a fantastic history,” exclaims Short, the 35-year-old, … [Read more...]

Blue Angels Fly on the Wings of Hard Work


A.J. Harrell decided early in life that he didn’t want to sit behind a desk. Strapped into the cockpit of a C-130 aircraft, he now works at executing maneuvers at 400 mph and fighting G-forces that double his bodyweight, which pretty much takes care of … [Read more...]