November 26, 2014

Meet Our Deer Blind Contest Winners


From hideouts that resemble a cozy cottage (complete with area rug) to basic shelters, we received more than 60 entries in our Country Lines tricked-out deer blind contest. Who knew there were so many cool deer blind styles? Thanks to all who … [Read more...]

Mixing it up at Short’s Brewing


Joe Short thinks of beer brewing as a “noble profession”—one rooted in ancient history. The drink of royalty and the common man, beer and pubs have long brought people together. “Beer has a fantastic history,” exclaims Short, the 35-year-old, … [Read more...]

Blue Angels Fly on the Wings of Hard Work


A.J. Harrell decided early in life that he didn’t want to sit behind a desk. Strapped into the cockpit of a C-130 aircraft, he now works at executing maneuvers at 400 mph and fighting G-forces that double his bodyweight, which pretty much takes care of … [Read more...]

Jack Barnwell is Mackinac’s Master Gardener


Mackinac Island has been getting a facelift. It’s the kind that requires rakes and shovels, because it’s a facelift in flowers and plants. Barnwell Landscape & Garden Services has been designing and planting picturesque gardens for six years—with … [Read more...]

Backyard Beekeeping: What’s the buzz about?


Ask most people what bees contribute to the world and they’ll name three things: honey, wax and stings. Put the question to Josh and Jodie Kieliszewski and you’ll get a longer list: soap,  body creams, ointments, lip balms... Another unusual fact about … [Read more...]

Media-Man O’Malley Joins Country Lines


A self-proclaimed “spoken-word guy,” Jack O’Malley is looking forward to transferring his upbeat view of life in Michigan to the printed page. “I’m thrilled about this,” O’Malley said about his new gig with Michigan Country Lines magazine. “It’s a whole … [Read more...]

Get your kicks on Michigan’s Route 66


Jazz pianist Nat King Cole immortalized driving the open road with his 1946 hit song, “Route 66,” a swinging rendition about traveling the fabled route from Chicago, Ill., to Los Angles, Calif. But authors John and Becky Schlatter, think the Michigan … [Read more...]

Going to the Edge for Perfect Shots


She’s dangled over an icy wall and rappelled its glassy facade, come dangerously close to the edge of several cliffs, and inched along narrow paths in the pitch-black night of the Upper Peninsula’s wilderness to capture stunning images. Photographer Shawn … [Read more...]

Fat Tire Biking: A New Winter Ride


Get used to seeing more of something unusual this winter – people biking through the snow. Whether you dub them “fat tire bikes” or “snow bikes,” the popularity of this new winter sport is gaining across Michigan for commuting, racing or just … [Read more...]

Shaggy’s Company Skis to Success


Like most kids, Jeff and Jonathon Thompson loved taking things apart and putting them back together, never thinking that their inquisitiveness might lead to a new family business. They were teenagers when they first built a surfboard with the help of … [Read more...]