April 22, 2018

Copper Peak: Reaching New Heights

Fresh off the February festivities in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Olympic fever is slowly fading. But for a small community in the Upper Peninsula, Olympic dreams are still very much alive. In Ironwood, a village that sits on the Michigan and Wisconsin … [Read more...]

Petoskey Stands Up For Little Bay Boards

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it most certainly takes one to raise a brainchild. Little Bay Boards, the brainchild of Jason Thelen, is the well-loved Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) darling of Petoskey. Indeed, it was the community of Petoskey … [Read more...]

Silver Muzzle Cottage: A Rescue & Hospice For Homeless Senior Dogs

“The truth is, I’m selfish.” Those words don’t quite ring true when you’re speaking to Kim Skarritt-Nelson, owner of Bowsers By The Bay, and founder and program director for Silver Muzzle Cottage Rescue & Hospice in Rapid City. Skarritt-Nelson is the … [Read more...]

No Barriers Warriors: The Power Of The Human Spirit

When an organization’s mission is to “unleash the power of the human spirit,” participants suspect that challenging circumstances combined with lofty goals are probably expected. And, indeed, that is exactly what No Barriers Warriors does. The organization … [Read more...]

Sanctuary Ranch

It’s daybreak at Sanctuary Ranch in Stanwood, Michigan. Ryan Bollman, general manager, takes his first sip of coffee long before the first rays of sunshine flicker in the morning sky. Walking into the woods in complete stillness, his breath caught in the … [Read more...]

Wild, Wild Midwest Wardens

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) mission statement makes its purpose clear: maintain the safety of all while enforcing the laws that safeguard the natural resources of our state. Just like their fellow police officers, the conservation … [Read more...]

The New Guys: MI Local Hops Stands Out In Growing Hops Industry

Before your bartender at the local beer tap fills an empty pint glass or you snatch up a six-pack of brew at your hometown liquor store, you may be surprised to learn that many of your favorite beers began their journey to the tap in the rich, fertile soil … [Read more...]

Protect & Serve: The Sweet Story Of Cops & Doughnuts

There’s something sweet happening in Clare, Michigan, and it’s on a roll. It started with a classic tale of a group of small-town police officers sitting in a local doughnut shop back in 2009. But then a twist occurred—the owner of Clare City Bakery told … [Read more...]

Explore Cherry Point Farm & Market

Cherry Point Farm and Market in Oceana County is as deliciously tart and sweet as the cherries it produces, as imaginative and welcoming as its lavender labyrinth, and as chock full of history and stories like its owner delights in telling. A … [Read more...]

Small Town To Capital City: Rural Michigan’s Political Couple

Down a country road in Ionia County, not too far from where she grew up on a sesquicentennial farm, Julie Calley lives a fairly normal life. Julie is a wife, mother of three and devoted public servant. Of course, she’s also married to the lieutenant … [Read more...]