May 27, 2016

Asparagus Reigns in Michigan

In the second week of June, Oceana County, also known as “The Asparagus Capital of the Nation,” gears up for its annual Asparagus Festival. Started in 1974, it’s the longest running asparagus festival in the country. It boasts all the events you’d expect—a … [Read more...]

Casting A Line With Kevin VanDam

When you’re talking to Kevin VanDam you don’t get the feeling you’re speaking with an internationally recognized angler and arguably the best bass fisherman in the past 20 years. You just feel like you’re talking to “Kevin”—the Kalamazoo guy who grew up on … [Read more...]

Sculptor Shares The World He Has Shaped

Highway M-28, east of Marquette, is a typical stretch of U.P. road—until you notice the startling, out-of-place objects emerging from the nearby woods. Some say the experience is like stumbling upon a north woods “Jurassic Park.” In truth, you have … [Read more...]

Art On Ice

When she was younger, Stephanie Miller wanted a career in education—art, to be exact. She never became an art teacher, but she most definitely became an artist and a teacher. For over 25 years, Miller has built her life around one of her true … [Read more...]

Keeping Soil Healthy: Gypsum’s Role In Agriculture And Electricity

We can grow more food, but we can’t grow more land. So, how do we protect our planet and get the most out of every acre? It starts with healthy soil. Soil is everything to a farmer. It houses the nutrients, minerals and water for crops to grow. Essential … [Read more...]

It Really Does Take A Village

In rural Guatemala, not far from the border with Mexico, is a tiny village called Buena Vista and it is just that—a “good view.” Set amongst the mountains, with peaks poking through the clouds—it’s a magical sight. At least during the day. At night, the … [Read more...]

Camp Grayling: Michigan Is Home To World-Class Training Center

Northern Michigan is a destination for outdoor lovers—paddlers, campers, fishermen and cross-country skiers—and for military convoys carrying camo-clad soldiers to the largest National Guard training facility in the U.S. Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver … [Read more...]

Michigan’s Bookmaker

Chad Pastotnik’s alchemy is half art, half toil. The fine-bookmaker must baby ancient machines, negotiate literary translations, conduct workshops, and fulfill international speaking engagements. In a recent blog, Pastotnik, who runs Deep Wood Press … [Read more...]

Sunken Treasure: Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

The eerie romance of a shipwreck is something that seems saved for epic adventure novels or blockbuster Hollywood movies. But just off the coast of Lake Huron, near unassuming Alpena, MI—is one of the most treacherous stretches of water in the Great … [Read more...]

Home is Where the Art Is

Coined the largest open art competition in the world—Grand Rapid’s ArtPrize has made its mark on the art world. It has been covered by the likes of The New York Times and GQ and lauded as both a great art experiment and lambasted as the art equivalent of a … [Read more...]